Pay Slips

Pay SlipsIn almost all sectors of employment, an employee will receive a payslip at each interval of pay from their employer containing the following information:

  • Gross wages (ie wages before deductions)
  • Total or itemised breakdown of fixed deductions where necessary.
  • Breakdown of other, variable deductions such as tax.
  • Net wages and deductions.
  • Method of payment (and amount of part-payment if appropriate)

Additionally, an employee’s payslip may (but is not required to) include:

  • Pay rate
  • Additional payments (eg bonuses, overtime, etc)
  • National Insurance number
  • Tax codes.

Most employees will receive payslips, however the employers of those in the police force, share fishing or working not as an employee are not obligated to provide them. 

Pay deductions

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, it is illegal for the employer themselves to make deductions from any worker's wages unless statutory conduct provides adequate reason, the worker's contract allows it, or the worker themselves has given written consent.

Standing statement of fixed deductions

If there are fixed deductions that are not included in your payslip, then your employer must provide you with a standing statement of fixed deductions which has to:

  • be in written form
  • be renewed and updated annually
  • be given to you before your first payslip with the fixed deductions
  • specify what the deductions amount to, the intervals between them, and any other basic information about them such as their purpose.


If you have any sort of problem with your payslip, you should first consult your contract to ensure that no hidden clause is to blame. Next (or if the problem is not in the contract), talk to your employer and see if the problem can be resolved internally and informally. If this fails, you may try talking with a representative or union official present, or in more extreme cases, you can take your problem to an Employment Tribunal.

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