Businesswoman Working At Desk In WarehouseAs an employer you should provide employees with information on both the method of payment (be it by bank transfer or some other method), and the date(s) of payment (be it weekly, monthly, etc).

The rate of pay must be agreed formally and confirmed in writing within two months of the start of a new job or the start of a new contract at the same place of work. Information about when and how regularly the employee is to be paid must also be included.

National Minimum Wage 

Employees on short-term contracts, workers employed by subcontractors, casual labourers, agency employees and homeworkers are all eligible for the National Minimum Wage (NMW). 

The employees who are not entitled to the NMW are:

  • people under 16
  • self-employed people
  • share fishermen
  • prisoners
  • some trainees on government and EU schemes
  • people living in the family home where they work if they do not have to pay for their accommodation and meals, for example nannies and au pairs
  • members of the armed force
  • voluntary workers
  • residential members of religious communities which are charities
  • homeless people who are entitled to support or benefits and taking part in a charity scheme which provides them with work
  • office holders

National Minimum Hourly Wage

Age of the Employee Minimum hourly wage
Apprentices in their 1st year of their apprenticeship or under 19 £2.68
16-17 £2.68
18-20 £5.03
21 or over £6.31

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