Claims and Liabilities

Young IT Administrator Installing A New Rack Mount ServerPublic liability

This is the term used to describe your liability for physical injury or financial loss to the general public while on your premises. Employer’s Liability is a similar responsibility that protects the wellbeing of your employees. Public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance cover you against claims that could arise from a customer, employee or third party suffering from a personal injury or damage to their property. They will have a successful claim against you if it can be proved that your property was not sufficiently safe for them during their visit. They may also have a claim if your negligence caused them financial loss. For example if an old shelf collapsed and injured a customer in your store, you would be liable for their injures and may have to pay damages to cover any losses caused.

Product liability insurance

Products liability is your legal liability to pay any damages that arise from the use of one of your products. This insurance covers any injury or damages caused by products that are sold, manufactured or distributed by your business.

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance serves as protection in the event of claims by a client or customer for loss or damage they have suffered as a result of your professional negligence or inadequate service. For example - if one of your employees offers incorrect or false advice that causes a client to lose money, professional indemnity insurance will cover their legal costs, expenses and any financial damages awarded.

Contents insurance

As a business you can also choose to insure your property and its contents. If you have goods in transit or disruptions to your business, contents insurance will cover your losses. Although it is not a legal requirement to insure your business against all eventualities, it is highly advisable to do so – should things go wrong this protection may save your business.

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