Driving Uninsured

Double Yellow Line On London StreetIt is illegal for anyone to drive or park a vehicle in public, unless they are covered by at least third-party insurance on that vehicle. The punishments for driving without valid insurance are relatively severe. There is a maximum fine of £5,000 and the possibility of having six to eight points put on your licence. At worst, individuals may be disqualified from driving indefinitely.

You do not have to be behind the wheel to be found guilty of this offence. If you allow an uninsured person to drive your vehicle or allow someone to drive your vehicle when the insurance does not cover additional drivers, then you are also liable for this offence.

There are a number of defences which may be successful. If your insurance was lapsed or cancelled at the time, then it is possible that you may have a valid defence. You may be using your employer’s or a company vehicle which has an expired MOT certificate. There are contextual factors which are taken into account for each individual case and there can also be a number of mitigating circumstances.

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