AC10/20- Failing to Stop or to Give Particulars After an Accident

Yellow Lines On Asphalt RoadAny motor vehicle which has been involved in an accident must be stopped by the driver, unless the accident did not result in injury or damage to people, animals, vehicles or property. The driver is also obliged to give their particulars to others who have an involvement in the accident. In this instance, particulars consist of the following personal details: name, address, vehicle identity/ registration. If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner, the driver must provide the owner’s address. 

The maximum punishment, should you commit this offence, is a six month prison sentence.  You may receive a fine instead, or as an additional punishment (which will be lower than level 5). In addition, you will receive an endorsement which carries anywhere from 5 to 10 points on your licence. There is also the possibility of being disqualified from driving.

It is important to remember that this law only applies if damage or injury has been caused as a result of the accident. The severity of any damage will relate to the harshness of your punishment and increase your chances of going to prison, should you commit this offence. There are other factors which are likely to lead to a more stringent punishment. For example, if the court has reason to believe that you committed the offence in order to avoid having to take a breath test, this will not work in your favour. It is possible that you may have been unaware of the accident. This has been used as a successful defence.

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