Agricultural Sick Pay

Shutterstock 30440248If you are an agricultural worker and you have had to take time off work because you are suffering from an illness that prevents you from working, you are entitled to Agricultural Sick Pay (ASP). You will be paid at least the Agricultural Minimum Wage, which includes any Statutory Sick Pay.

The amount of ASP you are entitled to depends on what grade of worker you are. The table below explains the different grades and pay entitlement.

Grade of worker

Weekly pay

Hourly pay

Hourly overtime

Grade 1 (compulsory school age)




Grade 1 (above compulsory school age)




Grade 2




Grade 3




Grade 4




Grade 5




Grade 6




Depending on the number of months’ continuous employment you have when you take time off for illness, there are a maximum number of weeks that you can claim ASP per year:

Number of months continuous employment when you went off sick

Maximum weeks you can claim Agricultural Sick Pay (ASP) per year

Up to 12


12 to 23


24 to 35


36 to 47


48 to 58


59 or more


Calculating how much ASP you can claim

To work out how much ASP you are entitled to, you need to multiply the maximum number of weeks you can claim ASP by the number of days you usually work per week, including any guaranteed overtime (unguaranteed overtime is not included). This is the number of days you can claim per year, starting from the first day you fall ill. You can start claiming ASP from the first full working day you are away from work due to illness until the day before you return to work. Your starting date can be any day, even if you do not usually work on that day.

Your employer must pay you at least your basic pay for your usual working hours, including guaranteed overtime, for each day you are entitled to claim. This should be paid on your normal pay day while you are ill and immediately after you return to work. Your employer should also make sure that each payment is for at least the amount that you are entitled to.

How do I qualify for ASP?

To qualify for ASP, you need to have been continuously employed by the same employer for at least 52 weeks before the first day of your time off for illness. You will not receive ASP for the first 3 days of your absence unless you have been absent for longer than 14 working days.

You should tell your employer as soon as possible when you will be away from work due to illness so that they can sort out your Agricultural Sick Pay (ASP). If you are away for more than eight days, you will need to give your employer a medical certificate confirming your illness.

*Tables taken from Agricultural Workers' Rights

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