Casual Workers

Close Up Of Two Men Hands Shaking After Signing ContractCasual workers work on a job by job basis, whereby the employer will offer shifts or hours that can be accepted or rejected without consequence. The casual worker is not contractually obliged to work any set shifts, and as such, casual work is appealing to students and those with prior commitments.

One of the major differences between a casual worker and a full-time employee is in the allocation of employment rights. The rights are allocated at the discretion of the company's management, and are somewhat dependent upon whether or not the worker in question is officially classed by the company as an 'employee'. If so, then the casual worker will generally be allocated the same rights as a full-time employee, if not, then at the least they will be entitled to rights concerning dismissal, specifically unfair dismissal.

The nature of casual work is such that it is ideal for those who need flexible hours with a fairly regular stream of working opportunities, and the regulations governing casual workers are somewhat in line with its nature, with decisions being made on a situational basis rather than set out contractually.

Casual workers are often hired through employment agencies.

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