Family Law

Parking For Family OnlyFamily law encompasses aspects of the law that affect families and family homes. It is important to take great care when resolving family law disputes. If a relationship is no longer civil and communication breaks down, it may be necessary to involve a family law solicitor to help reach a conclusion. 

It might be that family relationships are being created or ended, or there is difficulty within a relationship. Either way when looking for help, legal advice can make the difference. 

New relationships


Marriage is the most commonly encountered interaction that is governed by family law. Many marriages do not require legal assistance; however in some cases it can be helpful to have a lawyer help draw up a prenuptial agreement that outlines each partner’s possessions, assets and contributions to the relationship.

Civil partnership

civil partnership will not usually require the help of a lawyer, but, just like for marriage, a lawyer’s services can be helpful if drafting documents defining ownership and responsibilities before signing the register.


If a couple wants to adopt a child there are laws that ensure the couple will make suitable parents. They will be considered by an adoption agency who will then decide whether it would be appropriate for them to adopt a child. Further information about the process is available in our adoption guide.

Ending relationships


divorce is usually an immensely testing time for everyone involved.  It is almost always advisable to involve a solicitor to protect your assets and your interests in the event of a divorce as your partner may have feelings of hostility towards you. Feelings of hostility are often translated into an unreasonable or unequal settlement and, without the help of a solicitor, it can be difficult to contest, or even recognise, inequality in the division of assets and property, as well as arrangements for any children involved.


Divorce is not the only way in which a relationship can end; for example, a marriage may end with a legal separation; a civil partnership may end with dissolution or annulment. In these scenarios it is still advisable to work with a solicitor when agreeing on how to separate assets and how to support any children, because the proceeding become very intricate and complicated, and when you are fighting for factors that play such a crucial part in your life it is essential to present the strongest case possible. 

Domestic abuse

The hardest and most important thing for anyone suffering domestic violence to do is to let someone know about the abuse. It is necessary to reach out for help to ensure your safety and there are numerous measures to protect you from your abuser in the future. It is advisable to enlist the help of a family law solicitor that can guide you through you options for preventing your abuser from harming you in the future.

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