Personal Injury Claims

Woman Slips Next To Wet Floor SignAt its core, personal injury law is there to help compensate you when someone else’s mistakes cause you physical or psychological harm. 

An essential element of any claim is the need for you to establish where responsibility lies for the injury, whether it could have been avoided, and whether someone could have known their actions might have led to an injury. 

What is a personal injury?

An injury can be either physical or psychological and can be caused in many different situations, including an incident at work, a traffic accident or poor medical treatment. 

What next?

In order to bring a personal injury claim, you will need to provide proof of the situation that caused the injury, as well as proof of the injury itself. When there are not many witnesses to an incident, this information can be hard to provide.

It is also worth remembering that:

  • many large companies often have terms and conditions that place responsibility for personal safety with the individual
  • it can be very difficult to prove that a slip or trip in a public place could have been prevented

Likewise, companies that require employees to use potentially dangerous machinery should always provide safety equipment, as well as health and safety training. If the company has done that, they could argue they are not to blame given they followed their legal obligations, by complying with safety requirements. 

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