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Why should you list with Access Solicitor?

Access Solicitor provides you new and high quality business leads for FREE.

If I am not a solicitor, can I still list my details?

Yes, but we will only accept a listing from other regulated lawyers. We do not promote any branch of the profession over another.

If you list non-solicitors, why are you called Access Solicitor?

Our site is called Access Solicitor simply to maximize user numbers through search engines.

How is Access Solicitor different to other legal comparison websites?

We won’t charge you for our service until we prove that we deliver the quality of new business leads that you want.

How can Access Solicitor do this for free?

We have investors who will absorb all the costs of delivering you new leads until we have further developed our matching algorithm between your legal practice and the consumers and businesses that might benefit from your advice. This is our gift to you if you list and partner with us sooner than later.

Will Access Solicitor always be free?

We will always have a free listing option.

So how do you make money?

We are developing a suite of additional features for the website to help customers know more about the lawyers available to them. If you list now then we can provide you information about these new features as they become available. It is your choice whether to pay for a future subscription package that includes these features.