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Morgan Cullen Ball

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Firm Profile

Morgan Cullen Ball Solicitors LLP is a firm of Solicitors and Barristers, formed as a result of the merger of some of the most trusted and oldest solicitors firms in the Midlands. Recognised high street names such as John Morgan Solicitors, Parker and Grego Solicitors, Cullen and Ball Solicitors and John F Harrison Solicitors go to make up our firm. Whilst the names may have been abbreviated into a more manageable format, the people and skills behind these well regarded firms form the basis of our firm and allow us to offer the exceptional skill and competence that the people of the Midlands have come to expect from any one of the constituent firms.
Morgan Cullen Ball LLP prides itself on being innovative and progressive in how it delivers its services to their clients and utilises modern technology to ensure that their clients are provided the best and most timely service in, what are often, very stressful circumstances.

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  • Criminal Defence
  • Disputes
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Housing & Property
  • Injury Claims
  • Mental Health & Capacity
  • Wills & Probate
  • Operating Your Business
  • Commercial Property
  • Business disputes

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