DWF Law outranks the biggest firms for social media engagement

Following on from the success of their US study, digital marketing agency Good2bSocial along with ‘Managing Partner’ magazine published ‘The Social Law Firm Index: UK Edition’ in August this year, ranking the top law firms according to three categories; their social media use, their effectiveness, and their engagement.

UK Law Firms Better At Social Media EngagementFor reach and usage, the big players like Allen & Overy and DLA Piper outranked smaller to medium sized firms. This is somewhat expected, due to the size of the firms involved, which translates to higher budgets. Significantly, and far less expected, were the rankings for social media engagement. For this, the small-to-medium sized firm of DWF Law ranked at the top. So we wondered, what is DWF doing so right when it comes to their social media engagement strategy?

It’s clear from their website, that DWF is positioning itself as a thought leader in its field. Its ‘News & Events’ section (a blog) shares industry-wide news, along with DWF’s own seminars – coincidentally they had one on ‘The Perils & Pitfalls of Social Media’ for business – and its in-house news and views.

Each update and event contains a 'share this' section in which the reader can easily share the content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and email. They have a YouTube account showcasing their events, interviews with their team, and crucially; their social and human face, with fun videos from charity days. They are incredibly effective at shaping the DWF online personality, implying an overall successful strategy.

DWF’s Twitter strategy extends beyond simply sharing their own content. They engage on numerous accounts. For example, alongside the catch-all DWF Twitter account, they also run ‘DWF Credit Regime’ account, dedicated to advising clients on the complexities of FCA regulations. In this, DWF have identified a problem, and offered their solution, attaching it to their overall social media engagement strategy.

They also have a ‘DWF Employment’ Twitter account, and a ‘DWF Pensions’ Twitter account. Each department has its own Twitter account, updated regularly, responding to followers, sharing industry content from across the web, all catering to a niche area, under the DWF banner with consistent branding.

From Twitter, to LinkedIn, to YouTube videos, DWF Law has a well oiled social media machine. Its strategy has paid off. They have proven that a smaller firm with the right social media strategy, can absolutely compete with the biggest firms.

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