4 great social media management tools

So you’ve sat down and created a social media strategy. You have a range of accounts from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter, perhaps Google+ and maybe even Tumblr. Their design is consistent, and you’re all ready to go.

One issue you will find is the time it takes to log in to each account individually, update them all, track discussions and analyse your strategy.

Luckily, there are several tools that will do all that for you. Here are four of the finest social media management tools available:


HootsuiteHootsuite is without doubt the best social media management platform around. In one single interface, it allows you to control several accounts across social media networks at the same time. Hootsuite allows you to:

- update posts automatically
- track conversations
- add columns for search terms

It is indispensable for those requiring a simple and effective way to manage their social media strategies.

Pricing: Free and paid plans

Sprout Social

SproutsocialSprout Social offers a variety of tools to aid you in your social media strategy. Like Hootsuite, it provides the possibility of tracking and monitoring conversations, and signing into multiple accounts from one place. It also offers great visual analytical tools to provide you with an insight into how well your social media strategy is working for you.

Pricing: Free trial, paid plans


CrowdboosterCrowdbooster offers the user the ability to lump all of your social media accounts together and analyse the total engagement and the effectiveness of your strategy. You can also assess the time of your day posts were most viewed and engaged with allowing you to reshape your strategy accordingly.

Pricing: Free trial, paid plans


SocialoomphSocialoomph allows you to schedule updates – including photo updates and group messages - to a range of social media platforms. It allows you to send automated direct messages to new followers, and includes key word searches for finding users sharing content relevant to your brand.

Pricing: Free and paid plans

Social media management tools should be fully integrated into yours or your firm’s social media strategy. By saving time and increasing efficiency, this analytical insight can only help improve your online strategy.

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