Five essential tools for online reputation management

When establishing a firm’s presence online, it is important to remember brand reputation is integral to creating a successful online presence. Fortunately, managing online reputation management is not as daunting as it may sound.

Below are a few tools you can use to check up on your brand’s reputation across the internet, in a quick and easy way.

Social Mention

SocialmentionSocial Mention is a quick and easy tool for monitoring mentions across social media platforms. It works in much the same way as a search engine. As a tool it can help analyse positive to negative sentiment ratio, recognise sources that mentions are coming from and whether or not the mention started an online conversation.

Pricing: Free



Yasni is similar to Social Mention. It acts as a search tool in which you type in your business name, and the results returned allow you to see exactly what others are saying about your brand across the web. It is important to understand potential customers use Yasni to learn about a brand before they commit. Knowing what others are saying about your brand can help give you a head start by informing your reputation management strategies.

Pricing: Free, paid features



BrandsEye offers an in-depth analysis of the reputation of not just your brand but also your marketing campaign, and provides simple reports from the data it collects. This will allow you to understand your clients on a far deeper level than would be otherwise possible.

Pricing: Paid subscription plans


TrackurTrackur offers a very easy to navigate user interface. It monitors your brand’s reputation across social media platforms and offers both trend analysis and sentiment analysis. All of which will help you better understand your brand’s reputation online.

Pricing: Free trial, paid plans

Review Balance

ReviewbalanceReview Balance allows you to track and monitor consumer reviews, whilst allowing customers to post positive reviews to social media for all to see. It also ensures negative reviews are only sent to your email, with a chance for the reviewer to offer advice on how the brand can improve in the future. It also allows customers to refer to your brand across social media platforms quickly and easily.

Pricing: Paid

These online tools will save you hours of trawling the internet in an attempt to find any mention of your brand manually. Online reputation management is integral to your brand’s social media strategy and monitoring your reputation with these tools is certainly a step in the right direction. 

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