How do you choose your lawyer? Take our 2 minute survey wants to help you find the lawyer who can best serve your legal needs. But choosing a lawyer can be a confusing, time-consuming and costly process.

With that in mind, we know there are certain factors that are really important when looking for a lawyer. Does price matter most to you? The lawyer’s experience? Their location?

It’s complicated. We know that. But it doesn’t have to be.

When making these decisions all influences are important, but we want to know which ones are the most crucial. Knowing this will help us help you in the long run. If we can work out what makes you choose your lawyer, then we can make the whole process easier.  

We would really appreciate it if you took two minutes of your time to complete the brief survey we have recently launched.

All you need to do is choose and rank 5 choices out of the 7 shown on the first page and answer a few follow-up questions:

The information gathered will help choosing a lawyer down the line that bit quicker and efficient.

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