Do's and don'ts for managing a successful Facebook business page

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet. By 2013, the network was boasting 1.23 billion active users.

Facebook For BusinessThe site is slowly but surely integrating business’ needs into its social media model with business pages, insights, and pay per click advertising, and so the potential for attracting new business and promoting your brand is huge. The first step is to create a Facebook business page. Once that task is complete, there’s a few do’s and don’ts for running a successful page:


Read Facebook’s business page guidelines. Neglecting the guidelines can result in your page being deactivated by Facebook. So they’re a must read. 


Document events you attend. If you’re a law firm, or an individual lawyer, chances are you will attend seminars and events. Take pictures and videos of your company team. This keeps your Facebook page updated and dynamic, whilst providing a human face to the brand.


Make sure your cover photo fits the specification, and has an attractive element, not simply relying on the name or logo of the brand. Facebook sets the cover photo size at 851px x 315px. For this, BBE Law in Blackpool is a good example. The cover photo is novel, and attractive. Their profile picture is simple, introduces the company and is a positive mix. You may have the finest brand in the country, but if your online presence is visually poor, you will struggle to attract custom.


Respond to comments and questions. Leaving questions unanswered is a good way to lose credibility. If someone leaves positive feedback, thank them for it. Building relationships, and a positive community reflects on the spirit and personality of your brand overall.


Neglect your URL. When you begin a new Facebook business page, your URL is set as an unappealing series of letters and numbers. By going to you can set your own URL. It’s an added touch that gives a positive impression. 


Treat your Facebook page as a separate entity. It’s important to understand the differences between platforms and the tone to strike on each, but it is equally as important to utilise them as one strategy. Post links to your blog on your Facebook page. If you have YouTube videos, post them across your social media platforms. Link to your Facebook page from your website. For example, Grayfords Family Law firm in London have linked their Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ pages, to their website with simple yet recognisable icons at both the top of their website, and the bottom.  Treat your online presence in all its forms, as different rooms of the same shop. 


Stick to one form of posting. Vary your posts between pictures, videos, blog posts, informative articles you may have come across from elsewhere, information on your firm. A variety of different forms of updates keep your page dynamic, and engaging.

A Facebook business page is the company’s chance to reflect the personality of your brand. Implementing a consistent, vibrant, and dynamic interaction through your Facebook page is a vital part of your online strategy.

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