Philip Scarles

Philip Scarles

Senior Associate Solicitor

McMillan Williams

Lawyer Type:
  • Solicitor

McMillan Williams


Personal Profile

Phil is an Associate Solicitor in the Personal Injury Department. He is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel.

Philip adopts a very thorough approach to his cases.

To be able to secure the best possible result on liability he will obtain all appropriate evidence, be it a Police Collision Report or workplace documents. Witness statements will be obtained from relevant witnesses. If required he will instruct accident reconstruction engineers or health and safety engineers to provide expert evidence. He has worked with many of the leading expert witnesses in these areas.

To be able to fully assess and understand a client’s injuries he will obtain and scrutinise all medical records. His regular involvement in serious injury cases over many years has meant that he has an extensive knowledge of treatment and rehabilitation requirements, consultants and therapists, for physical injuries, mental health conditions, neurological injuries or involve conditions such as chronic pain. He will always fully consider a client’s rehabilitation needs, progress as far as possible and claim for future requirements where this is required.
Where a client’s injuries have impacted on their employment, he will not only assess loss of earnings and fringe benefits that have been incurred but also carefully consider whether a client’s future earnings and career have been compromised. If so he will fully prepare and calculate a claim.

He has conducted many types of personal injury claims including motor cars, motorcycle and cycle road traffic accidents, Highways Act claims, workplace accidents, accidents in public places, repetitive strain injuries, workplace stress, carbon monoxide poisoning and product liability. He has conducted cases where the injuries have been brain injuries, spinal injuries, orthopaedic, mental health and chronic pain.

He now has an impressive record of successful cases, some of which are in the Career Achievements section.

Phil was recognised in 2013 as a Super Lawyer.


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South Croydon

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