Waqqas Malik


Matwala Vyas

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  • Solicitor
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Matwala Vyas

Personal Profile

Waqqas has an outstanding academic background and joined the firm in 2007.  Waqqas deals with both family and
criminal law cases and is fluent in Urdu.

Waqqas has experience of defending a wide rangeof offences in single and multi-handed cases, including sexual offences,
serious violent assaults, drug supply, dishonesty and fraud, childabuse/neglect and road traffic law.

Waqqas has defended a diverse variety of peopleto include youths, parents, partners, people in positions of trust, gang
members and celebrities. Over the years Waqqas has developed a particular interest in serious sexual cases and violent assaults.  He has defended cases of multiple rapes, historical sexual allegations involving family members, sexual offences
concerning children and numerous cases involving serious violence. 


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